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Custom data analysis results and bespoke turnkey applications for maximising knowledge from your water sector datasets. With a highly experienced and agile approach, every project is tailored to the client optimising on both time and price. Combining both academic rigour and expertise, with real world industry project delivery experience, we are in a unique position to cater to your requirements.

Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence applications for the water sector


Machine learning


Hydroinformatics is concerned with the development and application of mathematical modelling, information technology, data science and computational intelligence tools to hydrological problems.


We specialise in data mining and knowledge discovery as well as data analytics (e.g. prediction and classification applications and case studies).

Machine learning employs algorithms to enable computers to find connections (correlations) between data and the patterns we are trying to predict from it (supervised learning) or trying to extract when the outcome is not observed (unsupervised learning).

Generative AI


Generative AI is a type of revolutionary AI that is able to generate new, original content based on a set of input parameters. The Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT3/4) is an innovative platform developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT and related technologies such as DALL- E 2, are currently attracting a lot of attention. A chatbot is a program (powered by ML) within an app that interacts directly with users to help with simple tasks. ChatGPT allows the use to ask questions in natural language, to which the chatbot responds. We offer services in this game changing technology for the water sector.

Big Data and Deep learning

The availability and affordability of sensing, smart systems, data storage and transmission technologies means water utilities are increasingly able to collect more data than ever before. Deep learning is when such big data intersects with machine learning. These techniques allow the tackling of problems that exceed human understanding. New formulations of deep neural networks allow the direct transition from data to action.

Providing bespoke data driven analytics and machine learning applications for the water sector
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